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I really love my friends. Gosh they are great.
I am so ready for the play to be over. My life is absorbed in it as usual this time of year.
I am so glad cheerleading is over. Gah everyone is retarded.
Cold weather=gross.
I am freaking tired like whoa.
We had play practice at 9 this morning. We came rolling up in the PJs and no make up baby. Because we are hot like that. Duh.

So basically I can't wait for tonight. YAY! 2 Volvos + 14 people + tequila = FUNNNN!!!!
I am celebrating my birthday! WOO! Which is in 3 days!

I just got the hiccups. Nasty.
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I don't know if I have completely changed or not.
I don't study.
I don't do my homework.
I don't go to play practice.
I don't go to dance class.
I don't care that I have Cs.

I do party.
I do skip first period.
I do sleep in class.
I do lie to my parents.
I do have random hook ups.
AND I DO go to church.

I guess I have just had a taste of being rebelious.
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She is driving me nuts.
Seriously the least educated teacher ever.
I have unlearned since I've been in French 3.


Yes I need to get things straight because tomorrow after school I am deciding to go get a new belt and get my hair cut  rather than take my U.S. History test...
Silly Hadley.

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I came home sick today.
Not feeling so swell and all.
I believe it had something to with my lack of breakfast and lack of sleep.
I do have a horrid headache!!!



I do believe that everyone should be excited because pretty much, Sarah Baker is the shit.
oh yes!

I really do hate missing school. I feel like I am going to be behind forever. That will not help my marine science grade at all.
I got new green shoes and they are lovely.
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So I have...

I saw Sarah this weekend and it made me so incredibly happy. I don't know about some things but I know that with Sarah and I, everything fits. I wish that everyone in the world could be around someone and eat sorbet and try to get off bunkbeds and buy barrettes and do absolutely nothing but lay down on the grass and watch clouds and be totally content. I just want to stay the same person when I'm not around her. I want to happy and not fake. I want other friends.

Today is my parent's 20th anniversary. That is a very long time. So, I asked my mom if she still loved me dad and she said she cared about him but she stopped loving him a long time ago. I don't know what to say to that. Honesty hurts though.

I really enjoy autumn.
It frikin rocks.
I want to get married in autumn outside with leaves blowing.

I actually use to think I was a fun person but now I just don't know.
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I really should be writing my english paper right now.
I also should be studying for my marine science test.
And I should be making up something for the cheerleading competition because it is in a month and we only have a squad of six now.
But I am sitting here writing this.

I also should be talking to him about this crap.
Does it always happen to be that the one boy that you think is right for you right now, that he gets you and he is perfect happens to be the boy that you broke up with and the boy that now has a girlfriend and the boy that your best friend likes as well?
No that wouldn't happen to anyone else.
Just me.
Just my luck.

Jesus effing Christ.

And on a side note...Once Apon a Mattress? WTF?!
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